Reasons You Need to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

So you've been in a car accident and you can't decide if you should hire a lawyer. Personal injury claims are usually complex so most probably, you will actually need an attorney to help you with the claims handling process. Visit to get started.

See if any of these is true to you:

? Circumstances are complicated.

If there were more than two vehicles involved in the mishap, or if your injury was caused by a commercial vehicle - for instance, a garbage truck or a company car - hiring a lawyer can make a huge difference, especially early in the process.

? You were seriously injured.

As a general rule, the more seriously injured you were, the more you have to hire a lawyer. "Serious injuries" are injuries that lead to permanent disability and those that require surgery, whether leading to permanent disability or not. On the other hand, if you had something as minor as whiplash requiring moderate medical attention, then a lawyer may not be necessary.

? Your health insurer wants to collect money from the party at fault in the accident (health insurance subrogation).

After a car accident, when your health insurer has settled all your medical bills and established that the mishap was not your fault, hiring a lawyer can help with your claim and the insurer payback issues. Hiring an attorney can be a very good idea in certain states. With most of your medical bills paid by your health insurer, you could get credit for hiring a lawyer to go after the responsible party. In this scenario, there's no need to hire an attorney.

? Your insurance company is making a preposterous offer.

If your insurer is offering a preposterous settlement, you surely have to hire a car accident attorney. Take note that the longer you wait to call a lawyer, the greater the possibility you will get declined. As well, if this is your first time to file a personal injury claim, your insurer may ask you to do things that can actually weaken your claim.

? You need ongoing or future medical care.

Finally, if your injuries necessitate ongoing or future medical attention, hiring a lawyer is highly advisable. It can be extremely hard for a non-legal expert to handle the maze of future medical costs associated with getting a fair settlement and address other related issues like health insurance subrogation.

Personal injury lawyers are not created equal, so to ensure the best legal outcome, take time to choose the best one for you. You may not find the right attorney that easily, but it will be worth some patience. Check out to read more about this.